Fresh Smoothies and Tea

Fresh Fruit Smoothies and Tea in Tomah

When you're looking for delicious fresh fruit smoothies in Tomah, you'll find what you're looking for at Peking Chinese Restaurant. We grow many of our own herbs, fruits, and vegetables so that we may offer you the freshest produce in our dishes, smoothies, and teas. Let us make you a beverage that is sure to satisfy. Please browse our photos - as our smoothies are as beautiful as they are tasty!
Fresh fruits for making smoothie in Chinese restaurant in Tomah, MO

Generations-old Recipes

Our recipes have been in our family for many generations. You'll be drinking part of our family history when you order one of our teas or smoothies. We take great care in replicating these beverages for you so that you may have the best possible experience. 
Banana smoothie served in Chinese restaurant in Tomah, MO

A Large Variety of Fruit Smoothies

We have a great selection of smoothies from which you may choose. Choices include our banana smoothies and orange smoothies. We can add tea bubbles to any of our beverages, to create a nice texture. No matter what flavor you've got a taste for, we have something that will be refreshing. 
Ancient and healing teas in Chinese restaurant in Tomah, MO

Ancient and Healing Teas

We have many different teas available. Our centuries-old ancient tea varieties are meant to be enjoyed, but many of our teas also have healing properties. If you have any questions about them, please ask! We are happy to help you find the perfect tea for your needs and desires. 
Our tea selection
Our tea display
 "Looooove it here! I've never had anything I disliked. The new remodel is gorgeous, and I love the opportunity to purchase bulk teas, mixed in house. Cannot say enough positive about it!"
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