Unique Dining Experience

Authentic Chinese Food in Tomah

When you're looking for authentic Chinese food in Tomah, come into Peking Chinese Restaurant for an exquisite dining experience. We have a variety of menu items from which our customers may choose. We take great pride in the experience we provide our guests. We have an outside patio, a large dining room, and many different touches that really make dining with us something extraordinary. 
Artwork showcased at Chinese restaurant in Tomah, MO

Carvings and Artwork

We really enjoy sharing the beautiful carvings and artwork we have housed in our restaurant with our customers. We know that décor can really make a difference in the aesthetic experience our guests have, and we have authentic Chinese items on display throughout our building. 

Antique Grinders and Grain Mill

We use our old antique grinders and grain mill in the production of our food items and teas. You are welcome to look at them and ask about how they work. Many people have said that our restaurant feels like a museum because of the antique items we have on display. 
Antique grain mill at Chinese restaurant in Tomah, MO
Swords and spears displayed at Chinese restaurant in Tomah, MO

Swords and Spears on Display

We have a variety of swords and spears on display, adding to the ambiance of our restaurant. Please, come visit us and enjoy the unique experience you will have while being our guest. 
Dine in or call (608) 372-2960 for takeout
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